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Paul George lights it up for 41 against zero defense


—Paul George took 19 3’s last night.


19 3’s.

But give him credit for not being shy on an elevated stage, albeit with zero resistance. George took a total of 26 shots more than any other player on the floor Sunday in Toronto.

George finished with 41 points in 27 minutes, and probably would have won the MVP had the East won. Instead the mixed fan, media vote gave it to Russell Westbrook who scored 31 points in 22 minutes.

I think Chris Broussard of ESPN said it best on Mike and Mike Monday morning. This was the worst NBA All-Star game we’ve seen in a while.

If you enjoy Paul George scoring when it doesn’t count, maybe you enjoyed it.

You have to give George credit for his efforts Sunday. Rather than just being happy to be there, George set out to make something happen.

“I think to start out everyone wants a chance to win MVP in the All-Star Game,” said after the game.

“That was definitely a goal. So much special stuff wrapped around this one. It would have been a special moment to win it.”

George in the end did say he was glad just to be back.

I had a hard-fought summer, hard-fought rehab year,” George said.

“It was just a very upward climb. It took every day and really every moment of rehab to get through it. There were a lot of days where I felt like I was down and out, but just stayed with it.”